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Aug 2020

Message from the President Southside Ladies League:

This week we all enjoyed the Civic holiday, although I did have to explain to one of our members why last Monday compared to others was quieter…..  Then she remembered she was retired and every day seems like a holiday !!!  Maybe retirement  does have benefits!  To those of us who are still working some of us made it out to the golf course, others stayed home to watch the Jets!  Only ten teams played on Monday so my thoughts were “maybe now I have a chance with the random draw!!??”  I am here to tell you I am still not a winner!! Lori will share that news shortly.   A winner for sure was Chef Kenny’s creativity with the assorted sliders as the special and they were enjoyed by all.

Tuesday, the weather was great again, we had a full tee sheet but the course seemed empty, maybe pace of play was working!

2020 is a different year for everyone, virtual this virtual that.  Usually in April we draw for free SSLL membership.  This year  we decided to draw at the end of week 8. Our  lucky member is Lynda Aikenhead who is the 2020 recipient of a fee 2020 SSLL membership. Congratulations Lynda!  (The cheque will be in the virtual mail!!)

Another story related to our random draws came from some one who has A as her last initial. She did say we never get an ‘A’ winner….. well we did.. our # 2  member Lynda on our list!


Message from the Sports Captain Southside Ladies League:

This week’s virtual game was Poker Hand.   Some groups like to gamble with playing poker on the first five holes on their score card, then the last five holes then the best five holes overall.  It was all about winning!!  So this week was about poker chips, chipping in and lets not forget Chef Kenny’s kettle chips!


191 golfers played this week and our RANDOM weekly draw   (All golfers who play Monday or Tuesday of the specific week are eligible) are:

Random Monday winner is Joanne Parker and our random Tuesday Draw winner Is Lisa Maughan

Congratulations to you both!  Your prize will be waiting for you at the pro-shop as of Monday (see Jaclyn).

As an aside,  great week for golf partners Joanne and Lynda, maybe Fiona should play with them and some of their luck may rub off!!


Birdies:  This week we only had 8 Birdies reported and again all on Tuesday begging the question. ”Did all our Monday birdies go watch the Jets?”


IMPORTANT:  Remember to send all your August Birdies and/ or Eagles or Hole in Ones to: for our virtual birdie Tree monthly draw.  All birdies for the month are eligible for a random draw. 


LIKE SUPER IMPORTANT:   Southside Ladies League competition open to all our RCGA members will be played over two weeks in a row meaning Monday August 24/31 and Tuesday August 25/September 1.  You have to play both weeks to be eligible either 9 or 18 holes.   Ensure your scores are up to date (Fiona have you submitted mine yet!!)  we will be sending separate emails to RCGA members


LIKE SUPER DUPER IMPORTANT:   All ladies league members who are not RCGA members still play on these nights as we have fun games and random draws for you.


Congratulations everyone!!!!   See you on the greens next week!


Ladies remember to send in your Birdies and/or Eagles or Hole in Ones to: for virtual Birdie Tree monthly draw.  

weekly winners


Joan Jasper won our July virtual birdie tree draw!

Tuesday August 4th Birdies

Kate McGonigal #2

Barbro Dick #4

Lisa Maughan # 5

Tricia VanDenakker #8

Lori Reid #9

Liette Lewis #11

Charlene Snowden #12

Shirley Kerslake #15

Stephanie Trimble  #11 & 15

July 6th Birdies

Georgie U #15 & 16


July 7th Birdies

Evelyne G #15

Lynette C #17

Lisa M #17

Gaetane G #2

Chantal  #7

Vicki C #7

Gerrie R #7, 15, & 17

Joanne S #2

Donna H #2

Andria M #9 & 14

Carol P. #14

July 14th Birdies

Tiffany Schmidt #11

Pam Roussin #12

Lori Reid # 16

Emma Middleton # 11

Lisa Maughn # 15

July 20 Birdies

Tracey Matchett #7

Karen Watchorn #9

Angela Gardner #12

Krista Goodridge #12

Carol Mazur #12

Liette Lewis #14


July 21 Birdies

Gisele Roy #4

Jenn McMurray #6

Joan Jasper #8

Barbro Dick #9

Kim McLarty #9

Lisa Maughn #9

Lynette Cadieux #11

Kate McGonigal #15

Tuesday July 28 Birdies

Kate McGonigal  #11

Tricia Van Denakker #5

Joan Jasper #4

Donna Henry #15

Joanne Stimpson #3

Kathy Kupfer #11

June 15 Birdies

Candace S. #6

Janet B.  #9

Jessie F.  #14

Karen W.  #15
Angela G. #18
Marilyn K.  #18 

June 16 Birdies

Kathy K. #2

Evelyne G. #2
Joan J. #6

Marti H. #9

Bev B. #11

Deb. S  #12

Cindy B. #14
Kim D. #14

Shirley C. #15

Patti C. #15

Nancy G. #15

Tiffany S. #17
Shellie A.  #17

Candace W. #18

June 22nd Birdies

Lorna N. #9

Lois C. #2

Charlene S. # 2

Sylvia J. # 2

Barb M. # 14

June 23 Birdies

Liz G. #14

Verna P. #3

Joan J. #18

Lori R. # 2

Heather W. #12

Cheryl M. # 9

June 29th Birdies

Cheryl H #2

Lori R #2

June 30th Birdies

Rhonda F #8

Shellie A #17

Marna M #14

Joan J #7

Lynette C #15


Monday June 15th winner is Chantel Lariviere 

Tuesday June 16th winner is Katey Miller


Monday June 22nd winner is Sarah Cahill

Tuesday June 23rd winner is Shirley Calvez

Monday June 29th winner is Kathy Kirkpatrick

Tuesday June 30th winner is Lynn Suche

Monday July 6th winner is Tanya Maneste

Tuesday July 7th winner is Deena Evans

Monday July 13th Judy Kachkowski

Tuesday July 14th Angel Therrien

Monday July 20th Stefanie Allard

Tuesday July 21st Val Officer

Monday July 27th Judie McKee 

Tuesday July 28th Carmen Nedohin

Monday August 3rd winner is Joanne Parker

Tuesday August 4th winner is Lisa Maughan




Sliders with Kettle Chips

Three Assorted

(beef, pulled pork & chorizo)



Ladies executive TEAM 


Ladies League President

Fiona McIntyre  

(2044890607 / 2047933665)

Ladies League Vice President

Donna Henry

Ladies League Treasurer

Mary Jean Jones 

Ladies League Secretary 

Candace Watt 

Ladies League Sports Captain

Lori Reid  

Ladies League Details

Season: June 15th - September 15th 
  •  8 Games to be played by September 15th 2020  
  • Two complimentary 9 hole green fees valid anytime to our ladies league members when you bring a paying guest!
  • Monday afternoon and evening Tee Times  
  • Tuesday morning, afternoon and evening Tee Times 
  • Mondays of long weekends are open to Ladies League!
  • RCGA fee is optional and can be paid at time of  registration or directly to RCGA after May 30th
  • Ability to book times for the entire season   

We do not accept tee time cancellations over e-mail. Please contact our pro shop or use your Tee-On account to cancel your tee times. Thank you! 

Please call our pro-shop to reserve a power cart for your tee time. 

Ladies League events and tournaments have been postponed until further notice. Thank you for your patience and understanding. 


Monday-Friday 7am-Sundown

Saturday & Sunday 6am-Sundown

Southside Golf Course 

2226 Southside Road

Grande Pointe MB

R5A 1K1


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