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Ladies League Closing Information

Join the LL Executive Team!


SEASON: May 30th - August 23rd 2022

8 x Rounds of Golf - to be played over 13 weeks during LL times!


2 x BOGO 9 Hole Rounds of Golf!

BOGO games can be used any day, anytime. 


We have now added an extra week to the Ladies League season!


August 29th & 30th are now available to book online or by calling 204.254.6709!



Additionally, if you have not completed your

8 GAMES by the end of the league season you can finish them in September any day, anytime.


They will expire: September 30th 2022



can be made- 7 days in advance.


Please note: You may still only use your 8 Games during

Ladies League tee-times in July & August.

Week 1: 

Week 2:

Week 3:

Week 4:

Week 5:

Week 6: 

Week 7:

Week 8: 



Week 1: 

Week 2:

Week 3:

Week 4: 



Week 5:

Week 6: 

Week 7:

Week 8: 

Week 9: 

Week 10:

Week 11:

Week 12:

Week 13:




Monday June 6

Sylvie Beaudry hole 15

Janice Hope hole 15

Lorraine Schultz hole 18

Laura Loewen hole 11

Candace Ste.Marie hole 2

Melissa Whitfield hole 4

Tuesday June 7

Bev Born hole 15

Celina Saurette hole 6

Kim McLarty hole 6 & 9

Erin Crawford hole 9

Lara Klassen hole 2

Kim Bouchard hole 6

Dawn Degagne & Carmelle Cook

Shawn Flaman & Mandy Peters

Annette Fast & Gayle Bohemier

Tuesday June 21

Margo Benes hole 2

Monday June 13

Georgie Unsworth hole 15

Pam Schmalz hole 9

Monday June 20

Paulette Graham hole 16

Lois Cherney hole 7

Erna Kehler hole 2

Sarah Funk hole 9

Ashley Craig & Tammie Teixeira

Tuesday June 28

Bev Born - hole 12

Cindy Cove - hole 11

Arlane Balichowski - hole 3

Stephanie Potvin - hole 9

Laurie Weske - hole 2

Laurie Weske - hole 9

Tatum Gardiner - hole 9

Donna Klopak - hole 15

Monday June 27

Jodie Olson - hole 15

Monique Grenier - hole 9

Lisa Lowe & Mo Bray

Tuesday July 5

Carolyn Duhamel - hole 15

Lesley Stadnyk - hole 2

Kate McGonigal - hole 17

Louise Giesbrecht - hole 3

Robyn Penner - hole 3

Gisele Roy - hole 17

Rheanne Edge - hole 2

Monique Hadaller - hole 5

Tracey Kaskiw - hole 9

Angel Therrien hole 3

Angel Therrien hole 15


July 11 

Robyn Rettie hole 17

Jessie Fillmore hole 3

Brenda Moffatt hole 11


July 12

Kate McGonigal hole 10

Courtney Lofto hole 12

Gail Chimilar hole 9

Sylvia Jeanson hole 7

Bev Born hole 2

Kim Gagliardi hole 15

Yvonne Delorme hole 18

Cindy Cove hole 11

Charlene Morin hole 15

Sherrill Gilhuly &
Rachelle Tessier

Marcy Sloan &
Cindy Cove

July 18 & 19

Christine Price hole 6

Erna Kehler hole 14

Bev Thiessen hole 12

Karina Macdonald hole 2


Chantal duBourg &
Leigh Fedoruk

Congratulations Robyn Penner for being our July Virtual Birdie Tree Winner!

Julie Frederick & Joanne Carswell

July 25

Rachael Porter hole 9

Nan Gosling hole 2

July 26

Wendy Rudnick hole 7

Kate McGonigal hole 3

Lisa Maughn hole 17

Cindy Bolton hole 9

Val Officer hole 2

Janice Hope hole 7

Colleen Dalton hole 9

Kim Drewry hole 6



Can I sign up with a group? 

Absolutely, you can sign up with a group of 2, 3 or 4! Once your entire team is registered one person can go online and book the tee-times for your group. You have 8 games to play across 13 weeks. We suggest you pre-book at least 10 games incase your group needs to cancel due to weather or conflicts that come up. 

Can I join as a single?

Yes! You can join as a single and book your tee-times with groups of 2 or 3. This is a great way to meet other players! You can always book with a few different groups and most single players end up finding a group they love to play with. If this happens you can always change your tee-time throughout the season! 

Do I have to keep score? 

No! Our Ladies League is a fun, inclusive atmosphere. If you want to keep score with your group go for it! If you don' problem! We have fun weekly games to play if you choose.

All prizes are done by random draw so no need to hand in a scorecard. 

Can I have a friend sub for me?

We suggest you try to complete your 8 games over the 13 weeks yourself. You can also play on a monday and tuesday of the same week if there are tee-times available. However, we understand that sometimes life gets in the way. Therefore you can have a female guest SUB in for your tee-time. However, they need to check-in under your profile and one of your 8 games will be removed. Additionally, we often have specials and giveaways each week so please note your SUB will receive this gift on your behalf. 

Can I bring guests?

Due to the nature of our league we do not permit guests throughout the 13 week season. However, if you have a guest that you want to bring to Southside your BOGO games are perfect for this! They can be used anytime during the season and are a great way to bring a guest to the club. You receive one 9 hole green free complimentary with the purchase of a 9 hole green fee. 

What if I don't complete my 8 games by August 23rd?

We ask that you complete your 8 games during the designated Ladies League tee-times over the 13 week period. After August 23rd you games will not carry over. Don't forget that you can play twice in one week if there are tee-times and you are struggling to complete your games. However, it is very easy to finish 8 games over the season. 

What is the dress code?


Our dress code: ATHLETIC CASUAL 

Slacks, shorts, jeans, skorts, skirts, athletic tights/shorts, wind pants, golf polos, t-shirts, athletic shirts with straps, golf dresses. Shoes must be worn at all times. 

Dress that is not acceptable: 

Swimsuits, only sports bras, muscle shirts, halter/midriff shirts, metal spike shoes. 

We want you to feel comfortable on the golf course - so you can concentrate on all the laughs and ALLL the putts! 

What are power cart fees? 

During league nights ONLY. We have special pricing on carts for LL members: 

9 Holes: $16 (full cart)

18 Holes: $20 (full cart)

If you are to rent a cart outside of league dates it would be at our regular rate. 

What are pull cart fees? 

9 Holes: $5

18 Holes: $7

What is the Birdie Tree? 


:The Birdie Tree continues to be in self-isolation this season!

Keep track of any Birdies, Eagles or Hole in Ones that you score during your ladies league tee-time!

Record the date, hole number and your name, & email to the SSLL gmail account.

You will get your name on the virtual birdie tree found on this webpage and be entered to win a monthly birdie tree prize!

What if I need a refund? 


We would be sad to see you go! However, we understand that sometimes life happens. Registrations are fully refundable until Jun 13th, 2022. Simply email and we will assist you.


Are there prizes? 

There will be 2 random draws every week, one for the Monday golfers and another for the Tuesday golfers, to replace the weekly game prizes.

Winners will be drawn from the Tee Sheet for that day, their names will be posted on the website and they will be notified through our Ladies League email account.

Winners can pick up their prizes in the Pro Shop after notification.

 A golfer can only win once on random draws.


Is there a game or format to play? 

Weekly fun games will be provided for you,

if you would like to play them.


Have fun, and play the game in your foursome…

or don’t, it’s up to you!


IMPORTANT: We are not collecting cards again this year.


We continue to observe a no touch zone.

Games will be posted on the website and available from the starter/host’s at the beginning of your round.

Week 9: 

Week 10:

Week 11:

Week 12:

Week 13:


August 1

Bev Thiessen hole 5

Kim Wilson hole 7

August 2

Eileen Hepples hole 15

Korrie Watt hole 9

Marilyn Adey hole 7

Kelly Forsyth hole 2

Gisele Roy hole 11

Courtney Thomas hole 1

Sandi Harder hole 7

Sandra Hamm hole 15

Kylie Watt hole 2

Donna Bilodeau hole 7

Stephanie Hodgson & Gayleen Haw

August 8

Kim Wilson hole 2

Leigh Dueck hole 7

Julie Torgrud hole 12

Bethany Asmundson hole 9

Janna Tweed hole 3

Brenda Moffat hole 2

August 9

Lesley Stadnyk hole 15

Bev Born hole 15

Shasta Benaim hole 2

Joan Jasper hole 2

Tricia Vandenakker hole 2

Louise Duguay hole 2

Tamara Chelle hole 18

Kate McGonigal hole 17

Eleanor Rudd hole 9

Daria Banash hole 9

Pam Drobot hole 2

Cindy Bolton hole 11

Carolyn Duhamel hole 7

August 2

Cindy Cove hole 11

Debbie Nieminen hole 14

Lisa Holmes hole 13... EAGLE!!!!!

Madison Kidd & Rachel Niessen

August 15

Heather Delorme hole 15

Kim Wilson hole 3

Erna Kehler hole 17

Ronda Eros hole 9

Paulette Mazur hole 6

August 16

Cindy Cove hole 9

Kate McGonigal hole 10

Kate McGonigal hole 12



Ladies executive TEAM 

web 1 .jpg


Ladies League President

Fiona McIntyre  

(204-489-0607 / 204-793-3665)

Ladies League Vice President

Donna Henry

Ladies League Treasurer

Mary Jean Jones 

Ladies League Secretary 

Candace Watt 

Ladies League Sports Captain

Lori Reid  

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