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- August 2nd, 2021 -


Message from the President Southside Ladies League:  

 Fiona McIntyre


This week was extra special for me as I was able to pick up a golf club or two after an injury. I even managed to hit some straight balls, which I must admit was very encouraging.  I share this story with you as it highlights that our league is for all players, of all abilities with one goal of women playing golf and having fun.  We are all here to have fun, but i do know that a birdie or a par or two does make the game seem sweeter. 


It has been brought to my attention that the ball marks, on the greens, are not being repaired.  Our lovely marshal Louie did shared with me, the step by step process of repairing the greens.   This was very kind of him, but if truth be told I don't hit the greens that hard, I wish I did, but I don’t!  To our league members, who do make ball marks, please repair them, also every player when on the greens and you see a ball mark - repair it.  Louie and Don are eager to give you free  lessons!!! If your golf bag is lacking in tools, the pro shop has a variety to pick from.  I recently bought the yellow flip repair tool.

I hope some of you took advantage of the Nancy Lopez 30% off sale, I would have but I have maxed my  “14 club rule" 


Our ladies league must be getting a reputation for enjoying a “ little drink”. This week Jim worked for another sponsor “icy blue sensation”.   After a wee taste of their new vodka coolers from the Philippines  everyones first drives seemed to be sensational!  


Be safe ladies 

To all league members,  please remember the golf course is on busy country road, actually I call it a race track.  Unfortunately, we heard blaring horns as someone must have driven out in front of one of the “race cars”.   It was quite concerning but we are all very happy that everyone managed to drive away, apparently, without any harm.  While on the course we saw a quad racing down the road with three passengers.  I had to take another sip of my icy sensation to relax after the road shenanigans!



Message from the Sports Captain Southside Ladies League: Lori Reid


The weather was so much better this week and 335 members were able to "take on" the fairways Monday and Tuesday. Whether you chose to play our weekly games or not you are automatically entered into our draws.  So why not play the weekly game just for fun!!  This week was Poker night! Imagine, you could win with three snowmen (just saying, its not all bad).


To celebrate July, being in our rear view mirror, we picked two random draw winners for each day. “double the chances!!”


RANDOM Weekly Draw Winners are:

Monday draw winners:  Linda Brant and Marilyn Klimczak 

Tuesday draw winners:  Sally Thomas and Marna McKenzie  

Congratulations to you all!  Your prize will be waiting for you at the pro-shop as of Monday (see Jaclyn).



Birdies… Birdies …This week we had 16 Birdies!!  5 on the Monday and 11 on Tuesday.  Three golfers had multiple birdies in their round.  Well done, Fiona would like you to share one of your birdies since you have so many!!

For the month of July 48 Birdies were reported.  

The July Virtual Birdie Tree winner is Evelyn Gauvin.  Her birdie was on Hole #12 on July 6th, 2021. Congratulations Evelyn Tweet Tweet! Your prize will be waiting for you at the pro-shop as of Monday (see Jaclyn).


IMPORTANT:  Ladies remember to send in your Birdies and/ or Eagles or Hole in Ones to: SouthsideLadiesLeague@gmail.com for our virtual birdie Tree monthly draw.  All birdies for the month are eligible for a random draw. 

Congratulations everyone!!!!   



See you on the greens next week!




Guest Policy Reminder:

One question that has arisen by a few members this year is “can we bring guests during the ladies league?”  Unfortunately, we are unable to support guests during our Ladies League tee times.  This year with our increased membership, our time slots are extremely tight, and the pro shop will fill open slots as necessary.  In the spirit of being fair and equitable, if league allows a few members bring guests we would have to allow everyone the same privilege.  Unfortunately if everyone brought a guest we would have limited room for our members.  The Ladies League has not permitted guests during my presidency, although I have been told that this practice has occurred.  To offset the official practice of no guests, a few years ago we did introduce our SSLL BOGO GAMES, where you can play on different days with your guest and as a member you have a free play. 


Weekly games

Weekly Winners

Monday July 26th

Linda Brant & Marilyn Klimczak

Tuesday July 27th 

Sally Thomas & Marna McKenzie

Monday JULY 19th

Jennifer St. Laurent


Tuesday JULY 20th

Robyn Coombs


Monday JULY 12th

Suzette Delaquis


Tuesday JULY 13th

Courtney Paquette


Monday JULY 5th

Cheryl Smith


Tuesday JULY 6th

Arlene Labossiere

Joanne Parker


Jackie Stephen


Joanne Carswell


Daria Banash


birdie tree

The Birdie Tree is in self-isolation again this season!
Keep track of any Birdies, Eagles or Hole in Ones that you score during your LL games.
Record the date, hole number and your name, and email to the SSLL gmail account: southsideladiesleague@gmail.com
Winners will be drawn monthly.  Monthly winners will be posted right here on the website.

July  Birdie Tree Winner

Evelyn Gauvin

Monday July 26

Liette Lewis hole #14

Susan Evanson hole #6

Lori Reid hole #8

Bev Thiessen hole #12

Bev Thiessen hole #15


Tuesday July 27

Lisa Maughn hole #8

Kate McGonigal hole #2

Kate McGonigal hole #7

Wendy Pavlick hole #6

Joan Jasper hole #15

Tiffany Schmidt hole #6

Bev Born hole #2

Bev Born hole #7

Bev Born hole #9

Bev Born hole #14

Yvonne Delorme hole #9

June Birdie Tree Winner

Carol Ploen Hosegood 

Monday July 19th 

Amanda Steadman hole #14

Diane Asselin hole #15

Jen St. Laurent hole #2


Tuesday July 20th 

Shawne Peterson hole #3

Tiffany Schmidt hole #17

Gisele Roy hole #8

Donna Henry hole #9

Carolyn Ullrich hole #2

Joan Jasper hole #6

Monday July 12th 

Karen Watchorn hole #2

Charlene Snowden hole #3

Salem Woodrow hole #1

Angela Gardiner hole #18

Pamela Kolochuk hole #9


Tuesday July 13th 

Jackie Dewar hole #15

Pam Roussin hole #6

Eleanor Rudd hole #9

Marti Harris hole #9

Sylvia Jeanson hole #2

Debbie Nieminen hole #2

Monday, July 5th 

Suzanne Holatko hole #8

Tatum Gardiner hole #9

Tuesday, July 6th 

Paula Cauthers hole #9

Donna Henry hole #9

Jodie Hutton hole #14

Debbie Malazdrewicz hole #9

Candace Watt hole #17

Jillian Miller hole #15

Diane Asselin hole #12

Elaine Klassen hole #15

Evelyn Gauvin hole #12

Carol Ploen Hosegood 


Monday, June 28th

Rachelle Tessier hole #11

Roxanne Lacroix hole #18


Tuesday, June 29th

Cathy Stewart hole #9

Korrie Watt hole #9

Carol Ploen Hosegood hole #2

Tracy Howatt hole #12

Monday, June 21

Liette Lewis hole #2

Susan Watson hole #2

Pam Durston hole #13

Jeri Kostyra hole #2


Tuesday, June 22

Carol Ploen-Hosegood hole #2

Deb Slevin hole #2

Lucie Durand hole #15

Eleanor Rudd hole #14

Jackie Dewar hole #11

Pat Bradics hole #12

Stephanie Somerville hole #15

Sarah Michener hole 16! 16!!!!


Ladies executive TEAM 

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Ladies League President

Fiona McIntyre  

(204-489-0607 / 204-793-3665)

Ladies League Vice President

Donna Henry

Ladies League Treasurer

Mary Jean Jones 

Ladies League Secretary 

Candace Watt 

Ladies League Sports Captain

Lori Reid  

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