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Please email
for the remaining tee-time availability!



SEASON: May 29th - August 8th 2023

8 x Rounds of Golf - to be played over 11 weeks during LL times!


2 x BOGO 9 Hole Rounds of Golf!

BOGO games can be used any day, anytime. 

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3:00pm - 7:30pm










9 Hole Membership $250.00

8 x 9 Hole Rounds of Golf

2 x BOGO 9 Hole Rounds of Golf

18 Hole Membership $327.00

8 x 18 Hole Rounds of Golf

2 x BOGO 9 Hole Rounds of Golf

Pricing includes tax


   NEW FOR 2023!

  • More weekly prize packages

  • Special LL sponsored weeks and giveaways

  • Member access to special events

  • Optional Participation in Non-Competitive & Competitive Weekly Games

  • Birdie Tree & Bogey Bush

  • Hole-In-One Club

  • Newsletters featuring Member discounts, Golf Tips and lucky weekly winners.


   Stay tuned for these exclusive Ladies League add-ons:

  • Pre/Post-season game packs

  • Pre-order branded Merchandise

  • Ladies League Member Range Packs

  • Access to *New* Southside Ladies League Network



Can I sign up with a group? 

Absolutely, you can sign up with a group of 2, 3 or 4! Once your entire team is registered one person can go online and book the tee-times for your group. You have 8 games to play across 11 weeks. We suggest you pre-book at least 10 games in case your group needs to cancel due to weather or conflicts that come up. 

Can I join as a single?

Yes! You can join as a single and book your tee-times with groups of 2 or 3. This is a great way to meet other players! You can always book with a few different groups and most single players end up finding a group they love to play with. If this happens you can always change your tee-time throughout the season! 

Do I have to keep score? 

No! Our Ladies League is a fun, inclusive atmosphere. If you want to keep score with your group go for it! If you don' problem!

Can I have a friend sub for me?

We suggest you try to complete your 8 games over the 11 weeks yourself. You can also play on a Monday and Tuesday of the same week if there are tee-times available. However, we understand that sometimes life gets in the way. Therefore, you can have a female guest SUB in for your tee-time. However, they need to check-in under your profile and one of your 8 games will be removed. Additionally, we often have specials and giveaways each week so please note your SUB will receive this gift on your behalf. 

Can I bring guests?

Due to the nature of our league, we do not permit guests throughout the 11-week season. However, if you have a guest that you want to bring to Southside your BOGO games are perfect for this! They can be used anytime during the season and are a great way to bring a guest to the club. You receive one 9-hole green free complimentary with the purchase of a 9-hole green fee.

What if I don't complete my 8 games by August 8th?

We ask that you complete your 8 games during the designated Ladies League tee-times over the 11 week period. After August 8th you games will not carry over. Don't forget that you can play twice in one week if there are tee-times and you are struggling to complete your games. However, it is very easy to finish 8 games over the season. 

What is the dress code?


Our dress code: ATHLETIC CASUAL 

Slacks, shorts, jeans, skorts, skirts, athletic tights/shorts, wind pants, golf polos, t-shirts, athletic shirts with straps, golf dresses. Shoes must be worn at all times. 

Dress that is not acceptable: 

Swimsuits, only sports bras, muscle shirts, halter/midriff shirts, metal spike shoes. 

We want you to feel comfortable on the golf course - so you can concentrate on all the laughs and ALL the putts! 

What are power cart fees? 


During league nights ONLY. We have special pricing on power carts for LL members: 

9 Holes: $16 (full cart)

18 Holes: $20 (full cart)

If you are to rent a power cart outside of league dates it would be at our regular rate. 

What are pull cart fees? 


During league nights ONLY. We have special pricing on pull carts for LL members: 

9 Holes: $3

18 Holes: $5

If you are to rent a pull cart outside of league dates it would be at our regular rate. 

What if I need a refund? 


We would be sad to see you go! However, we understand that sometimes life happens. Registrations are fully refundable until Jun 6th, 2023. Simply email and we will assist you.

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