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Weekly Winners

Dining Poll Draw:
Colleen Mcgurry

Big Prize Draw #1:
Holly Radcliffe

Birdie Tree:
Tracy Vandale

Game Draw Winner:
Christie Fehr

Big Prize Draw #2: 
Rose Janz

Bogey Branch:
Emily Horch

Theme/Photo Draw:
Christy Witt

$15 Gift Certificate Draw Winners:

Andrea Thio
Joelle Jeanson
Shellie Anderson
Carmen Van Achte Roxanne Zimmer

Marnie Le Page

Mia Hildebrandt

Angie Rodrigues

Melinda Guenther

Maureen Tanghe

Wendy Koekkoek
Jacelyn Chikousky
Angela Mancini
Elaine Elliott
Keri Ranson

Danyel Reimer
Melissa Rak-Banville
Jillian Miller
Leona Crothers
Katie Reynolds

Leah Houssin
Marsha Leary
Karin Holmes
Lorissa Teichmann
Laura Foster

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